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Knowing how to choose a reputable platform can make or break your crypto trading experience. XTRgate is a new player which takes note of all the crucial factors to provide utmost satisfaction. These include:



Forget about being driven away from the platform as a result of overly complex and cluttered user interfaces. XTRgate is easy to use and has a very simple registration process – only the most necessary information is required. You can start trading immediately after making the deposit, and familiarizing yourself with the interface takes merely minutes. One-click shortcuts allow you to place orders as soon as you notice an opportunity. It’s simple, yet functional.


You never know when the chance for a profit may arise. The Android & iOS supported mobile app lets you set trades and monitor the market 24/7, even when you don’t have access to a computer.


Transparency & Safety

As a trader, you deserve to know the ins and outs of all fees. XTRgate is upfront with all charges and ensures that you keep most of your earnings. Deposit minimums are as low as they get, giving everyone an opportunity to achieve a profit no matter their financial situation. There are absolutely no hidden fees.

Additionally, every piece of information you send is completely secure as a result of the latest encryption standards.


Tradable Assets


The most widespread cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin has been recording constant growth since the beginning of 2019. With multiple trading pairs available, XTRgate ensures that everyone can find something to their liking. All purchased Bitcoins are safely stored in your unique online wallet.



Litecoin has been largely favored over Bitcoin in terms of transaction efficiency, lower mining requirements and a more modern cryptographic algorithm. The dedicated team behind it and an increasingly larger rate of adoption indicate a bright future for Litecoin. It’s a worthwhile investment, and you can join immediately with XTRgate.



Often looked at as the Bitcoin’s successor, Ethereum has been going strong ever since it launched in 2015. It’s the foundation of many revolutionizing projects – microgrids, smart contracts and new payment methods. Even though it had its downfalls, the interest for Ethereum has risen considerably in the past year.


Bitcoin Cash

Despite the fact that they’re of the same origin, Bitcoin Cash introduces a number of advantages over Bitcoin. It’s more scalable, it’s cheap and it can be used as a backup currency in case Bitcoin’s price drops. Although it isn’t as widely adopted as its older brother, it manages to remain among the top five most popular cryptocurrencies.



Dash is the epitome of a futuristic and ambitious project. Two transaction methods, the use of masternodes and a self-sustainable system have attracted a large number of users. It ranked as the top most decentralized coin in 2019 with a very robust security system. Due to 10% of mining rewards going towards its development, Dash isn’t becoming irrelevant anytime soon.



One of the first cryptocurrencies which wasn’t based on Bitcoin, Ripple is more of a payment network than a coin. Ripple allows instant transaction validations, and its implementation is currently being tested by a large number of banks worldwide. If it does get adopted, there’s no telling how much its value is going to rise.


Safety and Security


XTRgate uses the submitted private information only for the sake of confirming the trader’s identity and ensuring their maximum safety. Anti fraudulent measures are taken to prevent any false impersonation. The implementation of browser cookies serves to monitor frequent actions on the website in order to improve user experience, and they’re only accessible by certified employees. XTRgate doesn’t share any private information with third party organizations without prior consent.

No credit card data is ever collected, and every exchange which contains sensitive data is protected by TLS 1.2 and AES 256-bit encryption methods.



To discourage and prevent any criminal activity, XTRgate uses a KYC policy. This is one of the newer procedures, with the main goal of helping the company understand its user’s intentions. It’s a fundamental method of preventing fraudulent activity, terrorism or identity theft.

In order to confirm that their intentions aren’t malicious, users have to submit copies of their passport, a utility bill, credit cards and online transaction history. Their submission is essential prior to any cash transactions, such as deposits or trades. These documents are encrypted with the latest algorithms and their analysis is XTRgate’s top priority.



The AML policy is set in place as a precaution against money laundering. This is why every trader goes through the XTRgate’s rigorous identification process, where every name is cross-checked with a large database of known terrorists. Cryptocurrency trading platforms are largely used for money laundering due to their high anonymity and the inability to precisely track transactions. To prevent this, all funds which have been withdrawn from XTRgate go back to the original source of payment.


Fast & Easy Registration

The XTRgate registration process is very simple and consists of only a few steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Register’ button.
  2. Fill in the fields, agree to the terms & conditions and click on ‘Sign Up’.
  3. Go to your submitted e-mail, find the mail from XTRgate and verify your account by clicking on the included link.

You can update any personal details later on through the settings menu. Registration is completely free, but you’ll have to make an initial deposit in order to start trading. Make sure to confirm your identity beforehand as to not experience any delays.

Although it’s rare for any problems to arise during the registration, they are possible. If you experience any difficulties, contact the XTRgate support team through the live chat, e-mail or via the phone number. Their response times are very fast, and you”ll get up and running in no time.


Deposit, Leverage, Spreads & Withdrawal Minimums

The minimum allowed deposit is 500 USD/EUR/GBP. XTRgate allows both credit/debit cards and wire transfers as payment methods. However, the deposit limits differ – from 5,000 USD for card payments, up to 10,000 USD through wire transfers.

Wide leverage capabilities provide options for both beginners and more advanced users. Leverage amount is dependent on the cryptocurrency pair you select, but they go as low as 1:2 up to 1:20. As a trader, you’ll enjoy a lot of trading flexibility as well as the potential for very high returns.

With close to zero spread, there is virtually no difference between the bid and the ask prices. This is true for all trading pairs. When low spread and low fees are combined, users can take advantage of the significantly reduced trading costs to maximize their profit and retain all the earnings.

Before a withdrawal is processed, the user has to submit a couple of documents to confirm their identity. After that, the client information form has to be filled, as well as the payment method details. Although there are no withdrawal minimums, it’s not uncommon to experience delays due to the time needed to analyze and validate all submitted information.


Account Types

Five different account types accommodate to traders of all skill levels, ranging from Basic to Platinum. All plans receive a 24/6 customer support and access to the educational center, along with pro webinars, price alerts and daily reviews. From Silver and upwards, traders gain access to both SMS and trading signals, as well as an account manager. These three features combined are a proven way to increase your trading efficiency, even if you’re just starting out.

Among everything mentioned, Gold accounts receive a personalized trading strategy for a long-term commitment. These strategies are carefully assembled by the industry’s professionals.

For the big players, Platinum account type is the way to go. A one-on-one trading trainer will let you in on the secrets of how to always maximize your profit and minimize potential losses. You gain position access which is exclusive to the accounts of this type.

Whichever plan you choose, success is guaranteed.


Trading Education

XTRgate has put a lot of thought into educating its traders through what they call a ‘Trading Academy’. Alongside providing numerous introductory and in-depth courses, this trading academy has a multitude of smaller subsets:


Traders News

Keeping up to date on all the crypto related news can help you predict future price fluctuations. A big part in succeeding is having enough knowledge and insight into what each coin aims to offer and how the world is responding to it.


Weekly Market Review

By taking a quick glance at the summary of each pair, you get an idea of where you’re most likely to gain a profit. It’s a simple representation that can prove to be very useful once you learn how to analyze it.


Video Chart Analysis

A picture is worth a thousand words and this is a true-to-life example. Each of the multiple short videos analyzes the charts of a different asset in order to determine whether the market is following bullish or bearish trends. They are released on a daily basis and convey a lot of useful information.



Pivot, Fibonacci and deal size calculators can help you make the right decision when you’re uncertain. The Pivot calculator determines the price at which the pair is most likely expected to start moving in the opposite direction. The Fibonacci calculator helps traders identify support/resistance levels, depending on whether they’re calculating downtrends or uptrends. On the other hand, deal size calculator is used as a risk management tool to reduce losses in the worst case scenario.


Technical Analysis

By monitoring current trends, technical analysis tries to predict future prices. It’s based on three assumptions and uses a combination of algorithms, graphical tools and indicators. All of these tools work together to help traders minimize the risk of losses and give them an idea of what to expect in the future.


Fundamental Analysis

As with the previous method, fundamental analysis is also based on a couple of assumptions. However, they are vastly different. Fundamental analysis takes into account numerous different events in order to calculate the real value of an asset. Then, it predicts a time frame in which the market will reflect the calculated price. Even though it’s not an exact science, it can produce very good results in conjunction with other methods.


Crypto Signals

Signals show the market summary by using different indicators to monitor trends. Simply put, they are a trading suggestion for a certain asset at a certain time. As with every other tool, it works best when combined with other methods.

These tools are not perfect, but they can help you minimize the risk and gain an understanding of the market. Use them all regularly, and your trading experience will improve in no time.

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